Lift My Soul

by Jay Faith

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This track is called 'Lift My Soul' featuring Singer Luke Nelson.

This track is a 'call to conscious' type song in that it has a
disonant political overview of current affairs without going to deep
with the message.

It has a fast past, intricate rhyme scheme with a poignant Chorus
performed and Co written by my cousin Luke Nelson



Verse 1:

With Smoke ash burning, the tip of glass turning/
My mind thirsty for solace of knowledge I keep on learning/
Im searching for my purpose to surface my understanding/
Admits all the chaos of mass media branding/

Friends turn to enemies, enemies turn to friendemies/
be careful who your sharing your tipple and sipping Hennessy/
Ive cold, co-ordinated the fluctuation of motion of mind/
And drank the potion of freedom to free the blind/

Proper gander media, lying through wikipedia/
be eating long enough, but hmm their getting greedier/
This is how their deceiving ya, you know i move with them lions/
Paining these pictures, like scriptures taken from Mayans/

Understanding that this unification could free minds/
The past and the present and future to merge time/
The knowledge that were given is more than proof that were living/
Understanding we have risen and know is the time/

Ay Ay Ayyyy.....Lift My Soul.
Ay Ay Ay Heee....Lift My Soul
repeats once more...

Verse 2:

This time that were giving is precious, i know you here me/
And dwelling on the wrong things, will only make you weary/
But I understand the pain that their giving you/
Every minute you living through is a miracle, every moment is pivotal/

I move spiritual Holy Father and Physical/
JayFaith my pen game is cynical/
I have no time for rappers with no lines/
Poor imagination, no content or rhymes/

You tryna kick you free, but lyrically, your'l never be/
and i couldn't care less if your video is on T.V/
you've lying to the people and say it your Town/
When he who is King can only where the Crown/

the Last shall be first, true the first shall be last and/
Gama ray, Bruce Banner, Thors Hammer smash them/
But who shall outlast them?
I guess the moment of truth will be unveiled through the fire in the both/ Rahhh

Chorus repeats....

Lukes verse:
I see your face through the crowd/
I can't give you my glory/
And i wondering how/
You bring life to my story/

Through all the hurt pain/
Your glory shines on me/
And through the pouring rain/
I found my victorayyy/

Beat breaks down for bridge..

Final Chorus...


released August 22, 2016
Written by Jay Faith and Luke Nelson, Produced by JayFaith



all rights reserved


Jay Faith Manchester, UK

Jay Faith is Manchester born Rapper & Music Producer with a soulful twist.
Hailing from the rainy city, Jay Faith has long since been recognised for his scorching hot beats and cinematic lyrical delivery. Peers have described his production style as a mix between Kanye West and Pharell. His Lyical style of rap has also been attributed to Hip Hop legends such as Talib Kweli, Most Def and Common. ... more

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